Stealing is Against the Law

[15] “You shall not steal.”

Shemot (Exodus) 20:15 [LEV]

A very simple commanment, correct? But one that all of us, no doubt, have transgressed on far too many times to count. Stealing is stealing, be it a very small amount, say 1¢ only or a huge amount, like taking over of a company by ways that is against the law.

Not paying our taxes is stealing. Encoding films and putting it online is stealing (downloading these files is not stealing, it will be discussed another time). Not giving to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 (YAHUAH/YAHUWAH) what is His, all glory, honor, praise, and thanks, is stealing (and can be considered idolatry too, which is a transgression of the 2nd commandment).

Last, but definitely not the least, worshipping on the wrong Sabbath day is stealing. Which is also a transgression of the 4th commandment. A commandment that is side-by-side with today’s 8th commandment. Sunday is definitely and no doubt, the wrong Sabbath day.

Let’s meditate on it today as we prepare for the coming of the Day of Atonement.


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Stealing is Against the Law
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Stealing is Against the Law
You shall not steal. The 8th commandment of YaHuWaH. Be it as small as 1¢, stealing is stealing. Simple but we transgress on this a lot of times!
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