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Yuki (雪亮)
<p>Is a self-confessed <abbr title="a person who collects or has a great love of books">bibliophile</abbr> and <abbr title="a person who is enthusiastic about new technology">technophile</abbr> other than being an <abbr title="a person who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available">early adopter</abbr>, an avid gamer, a geek, nerd, role-player, anime otaku, and trekker.</p> <p>His first online project was in 1998 when he launched the unofficial website for <a title="Ansalon MUD" href="">Ansalon MUD</a> (a text-based, telnet online game) and his own community forums <i>Laibcoms.Community</i>. By 2003 he created his work blog <i><abbr title="GameMaster">GM</abbr>-Yukino</i> which grew into <a title="gameshogun™" href="" rel="me">gameshogun</a>™, <a title="Snoworld™" href="" rel="me">Snoworld</a>™, and <a title="techmagus™" href="" rel="me">techmagus</a>™ over the years.</p> <p>Yuki's latest project is <a href="https://Verses.Space">Verses.Space</a>™, a Free Culture / Creative Commons, collaborative, and shared-world, worldbuilding and writing project.</p> <p>His hubsite is <a title="Tomes of Knowledge™" href="" rel="me">Tomes of Knowledge</a>™. He also runs <a title="YourOnly.One" href="" rel="me">YourOnly.One</a>™, <a title="One Way Faith™" href="" rel="me">One Way Faith</a>™, <a title="Adorable & Beautiful" href="" rel="me">Adorable & Beautiful</a>™, <a title="Clean Real Food" href="" rel="me">Clean Real Food</a>™, and other online properties.</p> <p>You can confirm his identity from his <a title="Confirm Yuki's Identity" href="" rel="me">Keybase profile</a> and learn more by reading his <a title="Yuki's Central Profile" href="" rel="me">central bio</a>.</p>

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